Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fortune-Telling Through Steak

The Omaha Steak Company conducted an informal survey and found that certain personality types preferred the same cuts of steak. Which is your favorite?

Filet Mignons are mild mannered, tender hearted, meticulous and enjoy simple elegance. Attributes of a filet mignon, the tenderest of all steaks, include a mild flavor and aroma.
Ribeyes are even-tempered, strive for balance in life and have laid back attitudes with a bit of a maverick spirit. Attributes of a ribeye steak include a balanced rich, juicy flavor that is tender, yet firm in texture.
Strip Loins (New York Strips) are passionate and somewhat indulgent, with strong personalities and take charge attitudes. Attributes of a strip loin steak include a rich beefy flavor and a firm texture.
Top Sirloins are mainstream with a down to earth philosophy on life and a “what you see is what you get” attitude. Attributes of a top sirloin steak are a beefy flavor that is naturally lean.
T-Bones have strong convictions and prefer the outdoors and the wilderness, although they are also known to possess a somewhat sensitive side. Attributes of a T-bone steak include the beefy taste of a strip loin combined with the tender flavor of a filet mignon.

Source: Fox News